About Me
My name is Dennis Mezerkor and I decided to finally work on this site to share bits of information that someone else might find useful - ranging from advice, to genealogy information, to historical documents and photos. My timeline for all of this is roughly "whenever I get around to it".
Career wise I started out as a high school teacher while trying to pursue a path in the creative and performing arts. That includes time as a writer, musician and composer as well as a theatrical designer and director. After a few years of the stress and effort of always looking for the "job" after the "next job", I decided eating and owning a second shirt was a more enjoyable experience - at least as far as my health and sanity was concerned.
Fortunately, I had been crazy enough to attempt a dual major in Physics in college for awhile and so had collected enough knowledge and experience in mathematics and computer science to make a somewhat decent resume. I started working as a contractor at Ameritech and moved on to various developer, project manager and analytical positions as the company became SBC and then ATT. And "move" is a good word. The best statistic for that is simply stating that my children have been born in three different states.
Other than working I spend most of my time ignoring my hobbies, chauffeuring my two youngest teenage kids around, entertaining my granddaughter and trying to get grass to grow in my yard - which for the previous 200 years had been a farm. I've managed to make it relatively flat as well as mostly hay-free, but I still have an ongoing life and death struggle with the buttercups from hell. So far, I'm losing.